- Roku is a streaming player or a digital media player. You can stream movies, TV shows, songs and any entertainment content by using Roku link code. Not just entertainment channels, but also, gaming, fitness and much more is available on the platform.

What is is oline portal which help you to connect roku device with your Roku subscription and redeem Roku activation code. You can anytime login using this portal to manage your Roku susbcription, Channels you have added or you want to add. its also store your payment options to renew your susbcription and do a automatic payment,so that your service will runn without any interruption.

How to Generate Roku Activation Code?

To connect Roku device you need to generate Roku Link Code Which will be used for activation on .Roku activation code is an alphanumeric code which is used to activate roku device. Roku activation code is case sensitive eg XR345. To get your activation code, checkout these steps:

  1. Connect your Roku device with TV.
  2. You should have activate internet conenction
  3. When you are connected with internet, the device will attempt to install or update a few software.
  4. After the software is updated, Roku link code will be displayed on tv. Note the roku code. Because you will need to enter the roku code link on your account.

How to Setup Roku Account from

  1. Open your internet browser & open Where you need to fill your name, email address, password. In addition to password also enter unique PIN for your account
  2. Click on agree to the terms & conditions to continue the roku account setup.
  3. You will be taken to payment merchant site option. Where you need to enter the card details or net banking information to make payment.
  4. To setup roku device, open the package and make sure that the Roku device and all the other necessary accessories in the package.
  5. Use the HDMI cable or composite cable to connect your TV with the Roku streaming player.
  6. Insert the usb cable small end of the cable to the Roku and another end to the TV's USB slot to power up the player. & turn on roku device &tv.
  7. Roku logo will be displayed on your device.Connect your device with internet (Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection)

How to Connect Roku device from

  1. If you have created roku account, visit
  2. Type the roku activation code in space provided "Link Code". Click submit. The device will be activated soon.
  3. Sign in with the credentials you have created your Roku Account.
  4. After the successful completion of roku device activation, you will be able to start streaming all the channels.
  5. You need to set the language & location.

What are the Primary Requirements for Roku Account Setup?

If you want to setup roku account, then there are some requirements for it:
• Roku Streaming Player
• Television (TV)
• Computer or Mobile Device
• Internet Connection (Wired or Wireless)
• Payment Credentials (Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Net Banking details)